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The Canadian HeadQuarters, more popularly known as CanadaHQ, is a darknet marketplace expressly designed for Canadian users. Since launching in 2018, this market has accordingly become the go-to DNM of choice for many Canadian darknet traders. It’s still relatively under the radar, and it doesn’t boast as many product offerings as other larger alternatives, but it’s a great option for anyone who wants a localized experience for domestic darknet commerce in Canada.


Naturally, the marketplace’s user interface is very Canada-centric. All product listings are priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD) rather than in cryptocurrency or USD to help users parse costs easily. The interface also highlights the real-time exchange rate between CAD and the site’s two supported currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and the popular “privacy coin” Monero (XMR). To boot, CanadaHQ’s dashboard provides real-time clocks so users can easily track what time it is in major Canadian cities across different time zones, e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

As far as its marketplace goes, CanadaHQ offers product categories for fraud, drugs, services, and hosting. The site’s main interface also highlights top vendors and featured products on a rolling basis.


CanadaHQ describes itself first and foremost as an “escrow market,” so escrow support is the keystone feature of the site. As expected, this darknet marketplace also provides the features of PGP communications and 2FA logins, two other staples of the DNM ecosystem.


CanadaHQ’s most salient security measure is allowing its users to anonymously pay for goods and services using Monero. Some DNMs have been slow to fully embrace or emphasize Monero because Bitcoin, which is trackable through blockchain analysis, remains king in the cryptoeconomy. However, CanadaHQ makes it just as easy to spend XMR as BTC, and that’s a great thing for users when the legal stakes are so high.


At present, there’s a shortage of dedicated Canadian DNMs, so CanadaHQ is definitely a top option, if not the top option, for otherwise underserved Canadian darknet traders. The site hails itself as having a great support system, too, so if you value responsive admins then CanadaHQ should score big points there as well. Of course, its main limitation is that it’s open only to Canadians, although that limitation grants its users more security from mail inspections. In contrast, some traders might prefer to do business on a platform that allows US users too, for example. But that’s a matter of personal taste and risk preference. If Canada-only is fine for you, CanadaHQ may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Details about Canada HQ

Item Type Status
Name Canada HQ
Started Operating 2018 · July · 22
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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How do I get my bitcoin refunded

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Anyone to suggest alternatives sites for Canadian ?

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none of the links are working please fix can't get in

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Well that's too bad if they really did exit scam. What alternatives are out there for canadians?

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why would they make a v3 link and then exit?

Exit Scammed.

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Hi I missed you

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Trying to fix a possible scammed and now the site no longer exists???

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sadly it seems that canada HQ has exit scammed... wow be buying off this site for like over two years with no problems, best site ever.. so sad to see it go

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Quelqu'un peu m'aider j'était vendeur sur le site mais cela fais plusieurs jours que j'ai plus aucun accès merci de m'aider...

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whats going on with Canadahq its been down for quite some time now

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Great market is legit order off vendor realxannitude jefihedi bcdrugs plutodrugs donino45 few others and are very legit lots sellers offer tracking thru Canada post is very good market don't listen to shit talkers in comments I used market two years is legit

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Does anyone know what happened to the market? It's been down for almost a week. Thanks

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I have made around 20 orders at CanadianHQ, some individual purchases of $1,000 or more, and never had a problem that went unresolved. The vendors are mostly available and amiable. I recommend this market.