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USA-based CannaHome is a “low-risk substance” darknet marketplace that only supports listings for cannabis and psilocybin mushroom products. The site angles itself as an excellent curator of high-quality vendors, as its admins say they’ll only work with merchants that have secured “more than 500 sales on other markets” and earned associated sales ratings of “4.95 or higher”. This marketplace also sets itself apart from its competitors in arguing that it offers the “fastest, friendliest customer support on the darknet” as well as a “great forum community.” If you’re willing to take the leap and you’re interested in just cannabis or shrooms, CannaHome is certainly one current option to consider.


CannaHome’s design naturally reflects its market’s focus on cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. The marketplace’s dashboard emphasizes the product categories of bud, concentrate, THC cartridges, edibles, and shrooms. Users can also easily browse offerings from top vendors on the platform’s “Active Vendors” section. As for payments, CannaHome offers a multi-sig escrow system so buyers and sellers can both be protected. The site also allows direct peer-to-peer (P2P) payments if transacting parties prefer to go that route. The currency of choice on the platform is Bitcoin (BTC). Notably, this darknet marketplace’s operators don’t allow vendors to require P2P payments or finalize early (FE) payments.


Features-wise, CannaHome is a conventional darknet marketplace. Again, its main differentiating factors are 1) catering to American users, and 2) focusing on cannabis and shrooms products. Some vendors on CannaHome ship internationally, but not all take on that additional offering. So international users can definitely try the marketplace, but their shipping options will be limited.


Beyond its escrow system, CannaHome’s main security mechanism is its support for 2FA logins. Yet while the site may not be the most security-centric darknet marketplace around, its admins focus on only letting in the best vendors. As such, CannaHome’s merchants are reliable and the vast majority of its commerce is done in good faith.


Some users complain that the site can often be inaccessible, so it’s apparently not the most stable darknet marketplace. CannaHome and other related markets like Cannazon were hit hard by an unknown cyber attack next year, so malicious agents are likely behind any continued accessibility problems. With that said, there are public and private links available to access the platform, and sometimes only the private links work. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re going in as a first-time user. CannaHome is certainly worth a try if you’re up for the task, though.

Details about Cannahome

Item Type Status
Name Cannahome
Started Operating 2019 · September · 02
Currencies accepted BTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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