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Tor Market, sometimes written Tormarket, is a simple darknet market that was launched in 2017. It aims to be a small and less riskier trading option than other big and mainstream markets. The Tormarket team see that as markets grow bigger and larger, they tend to face an evermore increasing set of obstacles and problems. They state that their goal is to maintain stability and uptime for the long term.


As expected of a darknet market that aims at simplicity, Tormarket’s website interface is fairly simple and straightforward. All the necessary control options are conveniently situated on a sidebar to the left. A helpful box below that shows the current prices for various cryptocurrencies. Below that, you can see a navigational categories list that include many kinds of drugs.. Finally, search filtering options are shown above listed products to aid in finding specific products.


Upon creating an account, which only requires a username and a password, Tormarket’s PGP public key is displayed for users to import into their PGP software. This PGP key can be used later on when making orders to verify payment addresses; doing this during every order greatly defends against phishing attacks. As an advanced security measure, users can submit a PGP public key of their own which will be used for 2FA. Finally, the notorious JavaScript isn’t needed in Tormarket.


There are three accepted cryptocurrencies on Tormarket, namely Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zcash. The market offers escrow for orders as well as the unique feature of paying for multiple orders with one payment. The ordering process is quite easy and only consists of finding a product, choosing the quantity and the shipping option, submitting the shipment address ( preferably manually encrypted. If not, encryption is done automatically), and then confirming the order.

Orders auto-finalize one week after they are marked shipped by vendors. This period can be extended by buyers in cases where arrival takes longer than anticipated. In cases of disagreements between buyers and sellers the market can step in to make a proper decision regarding the escrowed funds after communicating with both the buyer and the seller.

A wide variety of drugs types can be bought and sold on Tor Market like Benzodiazapines, cannabis, cannabis edibles, psychedelics, opioids, steriods and Ketamine.

After finalizing orders buyers can leave feedback for the products they had bought. People usually write about the product’s quality, shipment stealth and delivery time; this greatly helps new buyers in identifying better products and vendors.

Looking to become a vendor on Tor Market? The required vendor bond is $128 paid in Bitcoin. This bond becomes refundable after six months of good sales history. A commission of 5% is deducted from every order you complete. However, the market does not charge any withdrawal fees.


Tor market, or Tormarket, is a well-established darknet market that has been operating for nearly 3 years. It’s vision of maintaining a small set of features made it last longer than its comparatively feature-rich peers.

Details about Tor Market

Item Type Status
Name Tor Market
Started Operating 2017 · July · 28
Currencies accepted BTC, LTC, ZEC
Status UP
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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