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Tochka Free Market, also known as Point Market, is a darknet market that’s been around since 2015 and exit-scammed in late 2019. What made Tochka different from other darknet markets is that the website’s code is open-source. Being open-source, any developer can contribute in making the website more secure and authentic. What’s more, the market has an open-source android app for easy access to the market. The website also offers free API keys for technical users to build their own apps or scripts to interact with the website.


Tochka Market’s website design is neat and well-sectioned. The front page shows the most popular products by default, which helps finding best vendors easily. Users can also choose to sort products by price, submission date, rating or online status. Furthermore, shipment countries can be specified for sorting; this option is set to all countries by default. Since robust sorting options exist, search filter options have been omitted by the developers.

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Tochka Free Market allows PGP to be used as a 2FA option and also for message encryption. Submission of a PGP public key is mandatory for vendors as buyers will typically use this key to encrypt their shipping addresses for the vendors. It’s very important to note that buyers are required to encrypt their shipping addresses manually. Therefore, a basic knowledge of how to use PGP encryption is required. This should not be seen as a downside because this way your address never enters the website unencrypted, which is the case with other markets that offer automatic encryption. We even recommend to always, if possible, encrypt your address manually when making purchases on any market.


The market currently accepts bitcoin and ether as means of payment. A wide variety of things can be bought and sold on Tochka including drugs, digital goods like credit cards and data dumps, counterfeit documents/cash and many other things.

Buyers first need to deposit their preferred cryptocurrency to their on-site wallets. Afterwards, they can look on the front page for what they want to buy, read the terms of the vendor and then place the order. The market offers escrow that holds the payment for 7 days maximum. However, buyers can initiate a dispute to the support team before this period ends if the product hasn’t arrived or for similar cases. Tochka also offers 2-of-3 multi-sig but only for vendors with membership as we will cover later in this article.

After finalizing orders, buyers can rate and leaver feedback for vendors. One additional feature that Tochka implements is warnings. If a buyer had a bad experience with buying from a certain vendor, he can place a warning on that vendor’s profile. The vendor will have to resolve this warning or otherwise it will decrease his level. Disputes are always available from the support team if people misuse such features.

As for vendors, there are different membership options. Vendors can register for free, as in with no vendor bond. This option, however, is limited to only 5 listings and charges a high commission on every order. Bronze, silver and gold membership options are available for $99, $199 and $299 respectively, which are all capable of using multi-sig and have 10%, 5% and 2% commission respectively. Moreover, to improve the quality of the market, the admins have implemented vendor levels. New vendors will level up to level 1 after 10 successful orders. After six months on the market they will level up 2 times with every single successful order. For unresolved warning submitted by buyers, vendors will level down 10 levels.


Tochka free market has many good features that we don’t see in other markets. The open source aspect of it is particularly interesting. In addition, the fact that you need to be familiar with PGP encryption topurchase on Tockha may be daunting for some, but we believe it’s very clever and shows how the admins care about their customers’ privacy.

Details about Tochka Market - Exit Scammed

Item Type Status
Name Tochka Market - Exit Scammed
Started Operating 2015 · May · 17
Currencies accepted BTC, ETH
Status DOWN
Escrow No
Multisig No
2FA No


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