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Monopoly Market is a darknet marketplace focused on drugs. It’s one of the smallest active DNMs right now, bearing less than 200 product listings at the time of this review. Yet Monopoly Market stands out from some of its larger competitors because of its pronounced focus on privacy.


Notably, Monopoly Market is designed to only support payments made via Monero (XMR), a top “privacy coin” cryptocurrency that facilitates anonymous commerce. That commitment to privacy is impressive, especially since Bitcoin (BTC) -- which is just pseudonymous and thus trackable through blockchain analysis -- remains the currency of choice on most darknet marketplaces. It’s surprising more DNMs haven’t already taken similar Monero-only approaches, so Monopoly certainly scores big points for this design choice. Monopoly Market offers a wallet-less dashboard, too, so you’ll need to have your own Monero wallet setup before attempting any transactions on the site.


Monopoly makes use of an interesting “Segregated Design” feature, which means its vendor dashboard and its marketplace are structurally separated. This feature allows Monopoly vendors to continue filling orders even if its marketplace URLs suffer a DDoS attack, for example. Another top feature on this marketplace is the active vendor vetting process that its admins undertake. In order to become a seller on Monopoly Market, the admins first will review the prospective seller’s performance on other DNMs, as well as publicly available community feedback. This auditing ensures the site’s vendors are reliable and above-average merchants. Monopoly’s admins are seemingly responsive to their community when it comes to feature requests, too, as they’ve been known to review darknet discussions to make good on constructive feedback.


Monopoly Market doesn’t offer multi-sig support for now, but the site’s creators haven’t ruled out adding it in the future. It does currently support 2FA logins and PGP communications, though.


Monopoly Market may be small for now, but in a certain sense that smallness is a plus. Sure, its offerings may be scant compared to other larger darknet marketplaces, but these bigger sites are also currently much higher in the pecking order when it comes to attracting attention from law enforcement bodies. Monopoly has the added benefit of offering security by obscurity for now, then, and should continue to unless it quickly swells in size. That kind of growth isn’t out of the question, as Monopoly has the key ingredients -- strong privacy and responsive admins -- to grab further market share from its DNM peers.

Details about Monopoly Market

Item Type Status
Name Monopoly Market
Started Operating 2019 · August · 02
Currencies accepted XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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