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Kilos is not a darknet marketplace, rather, it’s a special search engine that can help prospective buyers easily locate the kinds of products they’re looking for on the darknet. Some stakeholders in the “deep web” ecosystem argue Kilos evolved out of a prior darknet search engine called Grams. Yet the two sites are quite different, in that Kilos offers results for both darknet forums and marketplaces -- two avenues Grams never permitted. How does the Kilos system work, then? Simply put, a user inputs a given search query, e.g “cannabis,” and then Kilos crunches that query across multiple darknet marketplaces. That dynamic allows prospective buyers to readily hunt for the best deals around.


Kilos isn’t modeled like a traditional darknet marketplace. That is to say, Kilos is more like a Google than an AlphaBay, as it’s structured as a search engine. It is possible to find drugs and other kinds of products through Kilos, then. Just don’t expect a singular unified marketplace experience through Kilos, as the site can only point you to external marketplaces that all have their own unique rules.


Since Kilos is an advanced darknet search engine, its main perk is in offering its users advanced search capabilities. If you’re looking for a product online that you think will be difficult to find, Kilos will be a great starting point. Kilos has indexed more than 2,000 vendors and approximately 500,000 darknet forum posts at the time of this post’s writing. If you can’t find something through Kilos, you might not be able to find it at all.


Since Kilos is not an actual marketplace, it doesn’t offer the typical security defenses that users might expect from a conventional darknet market. There is no need for 2FA logins on Kilos, for instance. Kilos can connect you with offerings on other marketplaces, which will all have their own respective rules. You’ll have to follow the rules on these platforms, just like you would on any website of consequence.


You have to take precautions with Kilos, because as a search engine it simply lists query results. It’s a neutral actor in that sense. As such, Kilos can’t guarantee satisfactory or good faith results, and there’s always the chance it could direct you toward a malicious site. Keep your wits about you at all times, just as you always should on the dark web.

Details about Kilos

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Name Kilos
Started Operating 2020 · March · 10
Status DOWN
Escrow No
Multisig No
2FA No


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