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Beginning as a small subreddit, “DNM Avengers” evolved into the Darknet Avengers Forum, a darknet discussion board centered on drug testing conversations and harm reduction educational efforts. Accordingly, the platform is not a marketplace and sales are prohibited on the site, a rule its admins strictly enforce. For its regulars, the forum is viewed as one of the main alternatives to Dread, as it commonly receives an acute influx of users whenever Dread goes down. However, the Darknet Avengers Forum is hardly immune to downtimeapparently, either: both it and Dread were simultaneously unreachable in late January 2020, from massive DDoS attacks associated with the Apollon exit scam.


There’s nothing flashy about the Darknet Avengers Forum’s user interface, but then again there’s no need for it to be flashy. With that said, the site’s straightforward design and dashboard makes it easy to search for a wide variety of specialist DNM-centric information that would be difficult to find elsewhere. The interface also makes it easy to navigate to non-educational discussion boards for general conversation.


Since the Darknet Avengers Forum isn’t a darknet marketplace, it doesn’t haven’t any need for features like multisig transactions and escrow systems. Though the forum is still interesting for other reasons. For example, in the past the site has served as a pipeline of users to Energy Control, a government-backed Spanish research laboratory that openly offers to receive and test DNM drug samples for a modest fee. Such a collaboration has undoubtedly led to the darknet being a safer place in general.


One of the largest complaints you’ll find about the Darknet Avengers Forum is that it’s awash in phishing links and that the admins don’t do enough to clean this activity up. So beware: if you find yourself browsing this forum, consider every single URL you come across as potentially malicious and proceed as such.


Some people love the Darknet Avengers Forum, and some people hate it. Its proponents hail it as an educational beacon, which in various senses is fair to say. On the other hand, the site’s detractors maintain that its quality has gone down over time, that it’s now been overrun by low-quality posters, and that there’s no reason to use it if Dread is online. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, of course, so you’d have to decide for yourself whether it’s up to your tastes.