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Apollon Market entered 2020 as one of the most popular darknet marketplaces around. Some traders consider the platform to be second only to Empire Market at the moment and poised to grow further. Of course, Apollon has its skeptics too. For example, more than a few stakeholders in the ecosystem allege the site’s creators were connected to the Olympus darknet marketplace exit scam in 2018. That charge is hard to readily confirm or deny, so caution is best just as it always is in this arena. But what about Apollon taken at face value, how does it stack up as a market? The biggest advantage for Apollon is its accessibility. Unlike Empire Market, which is typically under relentless DDoS attacks from bots, Apollon has proven to be stable and easy to reach to date. That’s been a plus for those who have taken the leap so far.


Apollon Market wasn’t designed as a near identical copy of a predecessor marketplace, e.g. like how Empire Market was modeled after Alphabay. With that said, Apollon is structured like a conventional darknet marketplace. It’s layout and escrow system will be familiar to any veterans of these types of sites and straightforward to navigate for novices.

Regarding commerce, Apollon is designed to support cryptocurrency payments made via Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), or Monero (XMR).


Apollon stands out for offering an “Armory” category for weapons sales. Many of its peer markets don’t. Beyond arms, Apollon hosts the usuals too -- drugs, digital goods, and more. Like Empire Market, Apollon also offers an Autoshop feature that allows for automatic purchases or pre-approved products.


Apollon covers the basic security necessities for a darknet commerce in backing PGP communications, 2FA logins, and a security PIN. Moreover, the marketplace offers a mnemonic key for account recovery purposes.


There doesn’t seem to be many major dings against this site. From its surface, it seems solid and at least worth being a backup marketplace. Some users have previously complained that it’s difficult to navigate search results on Apollon, so there’s that. The site’s search system has since been updated to make browsing easier, however. Others say they’ve faced deposit woes when using Apollon. Many of these cases might be chalked up to malware or bad links, as the userbases of darknet marketplaces are commonly targeted by malicious agents.

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on of the top markets, very underrated. better than dream.