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First launched in 2014, the Hub Forum is a darknet discussion and news platform that emphasizes harm reduction and drug education efforts. The site quickly grew in popularity as a redoubt after authorities started trying to identify darknet marketplace users via legal pressure on clearnet forum sites like Reddit. Since then, The Hub earned a reputation for being a neutral outlet for users to read and post reviews of darknet markets, vendors, and products. The site, which is reportedly run by volunteers as a non-profit organization, went down for an extended period a few years back before eventually being restored from a backup.


Devised as a darknet alternative to Reddit, The Hub’s interface is similarly designed around subforums. For instance, each darknet marketplace gets its own subforum on The Hub to make moderation and posting easier.


In the past, The Hub has routinely hosted the legendary “DoctorX,” who is actually the Spanish physician Dr. Fernando Caudevilla. In the interest of harm reduction, DoctorX has served as a de facto drug counselor to thousands of darknet customers since getting his start in the Silk Road forums. Alas, users of The Hub have enjoyed various opportunities to seek advice directly from a medical professional. For years the site has also fostered a harm reduction and drug awareness campaign, having put out a call for specialists and charities to consider joining the site to provide professional advice to its safety-minded darknet marketplace users.


While The Hub is not a darknet marketplace itself and thus doesn’t offer various market-based security features, the site serves as a general knowledge base where users can learn to navigate the darknet securely. For example, the forum hosts a “blacklist” of vendors with poor or ruined reputations, an offering that has undoubtedly spared many buyers of trouble. The site also mandates that vendor accounts must be verified with the admins so that bad actors can’t pose as merchants to manipulate users.


Because of its emphasis on neutral educational efforts, many people consider The Hub to be one of the most useful darknet forums alongside other popular platforms like Dread and the Darknet Avengers Forum. Just don’t come to the site expecting to purchase anything, as The Hub expressly forbids commerce being facilitated directly on its platform. The Hub is best for research, then, while prospective buyers will need to look elsewhere for actual scores.




Oct. 23, 2021